Jodi Hoisington

English and Writing Tutor, ESL Instructor, Reading Coach


About Me

Writing & ESL Tutor

Experience teaching ESL and secondary English/language arts with struggling learners through 12th grade AP students, as well as tutoring adult learners.

Name: Jodi Hoisington
Degree: Bachelor's
Experience: 25+ Years
Email: jhoisyteach@gmail.com


Education & Experience

My Education

B.S. in English Education

Licensed Educator | 1992 - Present

I have 30+ hours of Master's level coursework in English, Literacy, and ESL Instruction. Additionally, I am endorsed to teach English and ESL.

My Experience

English and ESL Education

Public/Private School Instruction | 1992 - Present

Subjects Taught: Grades 6-12 language arts, Grades 9-12 Advanced Studies/Honors and AP English, World Literature and Mythology, Creative Writing, Reading and Writing Remediation, ESL


My Services

Group Tutoring

10~12 week courses. Maximum of 5 Students per group.

Individual Tutoring

10~12 week courses or individual 30-minute sessions as needed.

ESL Tutoring/Instruction

10~12 week courses in ESL skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Practice sessions in spoken English available.


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